WMHS Girls Hockey Team Clothing Drive

Are you holding onto clothing that you don’t really wear and is just taking up space in your closet?

Chances are you might be one of many Americans that only regularly wear a small portion of their wardrobe! Luckily, WMHS Girls Hockey Team is offering you a chance to clear up some extra space in your closet all while fundraising for a great cause.

On Saturday February 4, 2023, WMHS Girls Hockey Team is holding a Clothing Drive sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation of New England! We’ll be collecting clothing/shoes/linens at the O’Brien Hockey Rink between 9:30-12:30 to raise money for WMHS Girls Hockey Team. Each pound of clothing collected will provide funds for WMHS Girls Hockey Team and help support the Epilepsy Foundation in their fight to stop seizures. Please see the list of acceptable items here to get you started. If you cannot make this date and time please contact Kristie Pica (peekaboo@rcn.com) prior to the 2/4/23 date for other arrangements. 

Every bag counts, please help us reach our goal of [500 bags]. We hope to see you there!

Thank you,
WMHS Girls Hockey Team