Mass Bay Warriors

In 2015, it became apparent that both Woburn and Burlington youth hockey programs would once again struggle to have enough girls to roster girls-only teams for their individual programs. In the spring, the presidents of each organization met and agreed to recognize a joint girls program under one of the programs. By summer, the planning committee found that Medford was in a similar situation and invited them to join the effort. 

The focus of the program is to provide a town-hockey option for the girls of Burlington, Medford and Woburn, with a unique team name that allowed the girls to identify with each other without having to identify with a town other than their own. With the three towns committed to making this program a success, a name was coined off the first letter of each town; and so Mass Bay Warriors was started.

The teams consist of players from Medford, Burlington, and Woburn. There is a planning committee that oversees the program consisting of members from each of the three town youth hockey programs. Currently, Woburn Youth Hockey is charged with financial management and recognizing the MBW program under their program for Mass Hockey and USA Hockey purposes. The teams have played in the Middlesex Yankee Girls League since the MBW program’s inception.

For more information contact Paul Chamberlain, Medford Youth Hockey, Bruce Flett, Burlington Youth Hockey, or Mike Ferragamo, Woburn Youth Hockey.

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