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  • ***COVID-19 Restrictions and Protocols Published






In according with the guidelines and restrictions of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA Hockey and MA Hockey, Woburn Youth Hockey has published our COVID-19 restrictions and protocols that will be in effect for Woburn Youth Hockey, Mass Bay Warriors and the O'Brien Ice Rink for the 2020-2021 season.

These restrictions and protocols can be found on the Woburn Youth Hockey webiste under the "O'Brien Rink Information" tab or using this link - http://www.woburnyouthhockey.org/Page.asp?n=158405&org=WOBURNYOUTHHOCKEY%2EORG.

Please follow the Woburn Youth Hockey website closely as these restrictions and protocols are subject to change.

Thank  you and we wish you all a safe and enjoyable 2020-2021 season!


by posted 08/29/2020
Update Regarding 2020-2021 Hockey Season
Hello Woburn Youth Hockey Families,

We hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer. We are writing to let you know that due to the most up to date guidance and information we have received from MA Hockey and the state we have decided to postpone tryouts. The sport of ice hockey has been placed in the "High Risk" category and while all ages are now permitted to access the rinks, the on ice restrictions are essentially the same as they were in phase 2. The only permitted on ice activities are Level 1 "individually or socially distanced group activities (no-contact workouts, aerobic conditioning, individual skill work, and drills)".  We feel that we are unable to hold tryouts effectively given the guidelines we must maintain for everyone's safety around COVID-19.

On July 21st MA Hockey and ice rink owner representatives presented a plan to meet the standard of a “moderate risk” sport to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ youth sports task force. "The plan calls for the removal of checking from all levels, expanded bench areas to allow for physical distancing, the requirement of face coverings for officials during faceoffs/player proximity and quicker whistles when players are in close proximity to each other when competing for the puck. These proposed modifications, combined with existing guidance for youth sports from Phase 2, will provide hockey players with a similar game model in comparison to many of the other sports already approved to play games in the “moderate risk” category."  The presentation also included evidence that on average hockey players are within proximity of each other (less than 6 feet) for less than 3 minutes per hockey game, that the ventilation levels already required by district laws and protocols are generally 2 - 2.5 times the industry standard for indooor air quality and photographic comparisons of hockey players in game situations to players in other sports already permitted to play under the phase 3 guidelines.  As of this writing, we are waiting for the response from the youth sports task force and we do not have a clear date on when they expect to respond. With this, we are unable to have a firm start date for our hockey season and are still left with a lot of uncertainty as to what the season will look like.

However, some good news - the rink is open as of Monday August 10th. Absent the opportunity to play games, we are eager to start the hockey season and are considering resuming practices and skills under the guidelines we have been given from Mass Hockey and the state. Under this plan, beginning in September we would offer 6 on-ice practices per month plus skills for each division (Mites through Bantams) and 4 on-ice practices per month without skills for Midgets.  The total cost to participate for Mites through Bantams would be $600 for the season (September through the end of February) and $240 for Midgets.  We would ask that partipants make monthly payments in increments of $100 for Mites through Bantams and $60 for Midgets. In the event that we are granted permission to resume games, we would amend the cost to include the associated league fees, game jersey and equipment costs.  We are also considering new dates to complete our tryouts. We think giving the players an opportunity to participate in practices and get their legs back after being off the ice since last March will be a good step towards getting the players prepared for tryouts. This will also give us more time in hopes that the current guidelines and restrictions on the sport of ice hockey are relaxed to allow for a more effective tryout.

Please note that this modified plan does not apply to City League and Learn-to-Skate.  We are planning to operate those programs as normal, but please understand that this is a very fluid situation and we may have to adjust those programs as well based on the most current guidelines provided by MA Hockey and the state as we get closer to the start of the season.

We would like to get your thoughts on your child/children's participation in this scenario and have provided a link to a survey below. We ask that you please take a minute to fill it out and submit your responses by close of business next Friday, August 14th.

We are not sure of the duration of this phase and we will continue to work with MA Hockey and state officials to try to get our games back on in a safe and appropriate manner.  We appreciate your patience, cooperation and understanding as we try to navigate these unprecedented times.
Thank you and take care.
Don Chamberlain
Woburn Youth Hockey

by posted 08/07/2020
Annual Breakaway Golf Tournament Has Been Postponed


To ensure that all participants have a great experience at this annual event, the Breakaway Golf Tournament has been postponed to October 2,2020.  

For up to date information, to make a donation or to register, please check out the Breakaway Golf Tournament website - https://birdease.com/WYH

We look forward to seeing you all there!

by posted 05/28/2020
Press Box Advertisment

For the first time in a while, the O'Brien Rink press box area has several available spaces open for advertisments. This space will be available on a first come first serve basis, as space is limited.  Each advertisment space is 4x4 (four feet by four feet) in height and width.  Double width space is available as well. 

To reserve your space or make a donation, please fill in the form below.  

4x4 Press Box - $500.00 p/season (August thru May) - (space rental only)

4x8 Press Box - $1000.00 p/season (August thru May) - (space rental only)

Thank You for supporting our program


Click here for form

by posted 09/03/2017
Woburn Youth Hockey 2020 -2021 League Directors and Committees


Woburn Youth Hockey 2020 -2021
Division/League Directors and Committees



Division/League Coordinators



Ian Hunt


Rob Carabello


Tom Martin


Shawn Riley


Filipe Barreto

City League

Chad Driscoll

Learn to Skate Clinic

Don Chamberlain


Kim Chamberlain

Mass Bay Warriors

Mike Ferragamo

Valley Hockey League

Don Chamberlain

Mass Hockey / District 9

Sean Crosby

posted 06/10/2015
Rink Behavior

The lobby and snack bar are not play areas.  There is no running or playing in those areas. Children should be supervised at all times.  Please see the letter from the rink manager, Nick Thomas.

posted 09/07/2013
Game Results
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