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Here is some information on the Valley based on 2018-19


The VHL Mite Hybrid Division for the 2018-19 Season will be: 

  • VHL Mites:  For the 2018-19 season Massachusetts Hockey and USA Hockey will be moving to “Age Appropriate”(Half Ice or Cross Ice) playing surfaces for all Mite Games. Therefore, the VHL will offer a 25 game Half-Ice Mite Divisional Schedule, which will replace the VHL Mite Hybrid offering. Similar to the past 3 years, VHL Mite teams will be divided into three or four geographic regions to minimize travel and will also be divided into multiple tiers within each geographic region to maximize parity. Teams will play a 25 Half-Ice Game Regular Season Game Schedule plus Half–Ice Playoffs. All VHL Mite Teams will play Half-Ice games with a true board divider system, and 1 On-ice official that will keep score of each game. All game results, schedules and standings will be maintained on the VHL website. Similar to all other age levels in the VHL, Mite Half-Ice Teams will be moved up or down throughout the season in order to maximize parity and offer the most competitive games possible for all league members. All teams will qualify for playoffs, which will be held in mid-March.