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Woburn Youth Hockey Corporation
The Woburn Youth Hockey Corporation is a group of volunteers who work together to make our program this best it can be. 
Here are some FAQ that we have gotten regarding the Corporation:
Who can join the WYH Corporation?
Anybody who either has a child in the program or has volunteered for the program in any capacity for at least a period of one calendar year and are over the age of 18.

How do I join the Corporation?
Fill out an application (on the web site) and bring it to any scheduled meeting where a board member will “sponsor” you.  Click here for Corporation Application

When are the meetings?
The WYH Corporation holds 5 meetings a year…September, November, February, April and May …all meeting dates are posted on our web site and are held at the O’Brien rink board room at 7pm

What is the process of my application being accepted?
Your application will have 2 “readings” the first reading will introduce your application to the corporation and will be read aloud by the Secretary. The second “reading “ will take place at the next scheduled corporation meeting and at that time a motion will be made to accept that person into the Corporation…the Corporation members present will vote on the motion and that person will be formally accepted into the corporation.

Why do I have to do all that just to be a member of the Corporation?
WYH is a legal corporation with by-laws that must be followed.

After I’m accepted, then what??
After you are admitted to the corporation, you will be encouraged to choose any committee that you wish to participate on. This is your chance to attend committee meetings and really make a change in the program. At these meetings you will see exactly what goes on “behind the scenes” and have the opportunity to make a difference.  We encourage you to join as many committees as you are interested in…volunteers are what make our program run!!

Am I eligible to run for the board of directors if I’m on the corporation?
To be eligible to run for the WYH Board of Directors, you must have served on the corporation.

Can I vote if I’m on the corporation?
Yes! Voting eligibility for corporation members is as follows:
You must attend 4 of the 5 scheduled corp meeting in a calendar year , one of which may be an excused absence.  An excused absence is obtained by notifying either the President or Secretary BEFORE the start of the meeting you are seeking the excused absence from.  Signing into the meetings is MANDATORY and the sign in is used to determine voting eligibility . Our April meeting is when “nominations” are held and our May meeting is when we vote for open positions for the following year.

How are the bill calculated?

See the explanation here.