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Questions about how bills are calculated should be directed to the WYH Treasurer at Treasurer@woburnyouthhockey.org.

Tuition rates to participate in Woburn Youth Hockey are calculated on a per season basis and consider factors including league and game fees, practice ice cost, the number of teams and players per team and the number of games.
All tuition rates include a fixed administrative fee that covers program overhead expenses for supplies, equipment, printing, postage, etc.  Things we need to keep WYH running.  The cost of the on-ice skills, goalie skils and off-ice skills when offered are also divided equally between all eligible players.

Tuition rates are set at the conclusion of the Annual Commitment period and based on the number of players who have committed.  To ensure that most accurate tuition rates, it's important that all players commit during the Commitment period.  Once the tuition rates have been set, they do not change during the season, even if a skater is added to the team.  

Woburn Youth Hockey is a non-profit organization, so any surplus money at the end of the year is divided between capital investment savings and a return to WYH that is applied to next years tuition rates.

If you are interested in learning more about the program finances, we encourage you to join the Woburn Youth Hockey Corporation and become a member of the Finance Committee.