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We are already into October of our hockey season and there are still questions on how hockey bills are calculated.   Calculating bills to send out is almost as much fun as the week of tryouts.  However, it is necessary to keep the program going.
The reason that not all bills are the same is because ice time per player is taken into account.   Not all teams have the same amount of games.   Midgets only play until November, Girls play 20 games and have a reduced practice schedule and the Mite program is also on a reduced schedule.  The bills are calculated across an age group (squirt, mite, girls, peewee, bantham and midget).   The exception to this is the Mites because they are in two different leagues.  This is new as we try to transition to the USA Hockey Cross Ice rules.  Also historically WYH used to play in the valley league and the middlesex yankee league.  Costs were different between the leagues.
Everyone player Mites through Bantham age level pays an administrative fee.  That is fixed.  This includes the overhead costs for supplies, equipment, printing, postage, etc.  Things we need to keep WYH running.  The skills fee is also divided equally between all eligible players. 
There is also a variable portion of the bill is affected by the ice time each player receives.   These are calculated based on the amount of practice ice and league game fees.  The board level loads each team and at the time the teams are picked at the beginning of the year.   Each team is within +/- 1 player of the other teams within an age bracket.    So for example the Squirt 1 and Squirt 2 were calculated based on 16 and 17 skaters respectively.  The Peewee 1, 2, and 3 were calculated based on 14, 13 and 13 respectively.
The total cost for practice ice and game ice is added up for each team within the division and divided equally between the number of players at that level.  So all of the peewees pay the same rate and all the squirts pay the same rate.   However, the peewee rate will be higher than the squirt rate because the peewees have 3 teams divided between 40 players compared to the 2 squirt teams divided between 33 players.  The peewees have 33% more expense divided over 21% more players.
Once the rates are set, thats it.  Even if a skater is added to the team.   We are a non-profit organization, so any surplus money at the end of the year is divided between capital investment savings and a return to WYH that is applied to next years bills.   This past year the program received $15,000 back towards this years bills.  This is lower than in years past due to the investments we have recently made in the program (new boards, new zamboni, new compressors and we also completed significant work on the chiller barrels over the summer).
If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact me.  I may be reached at stretch747@yahoo.com.
Jeff Simpson (WYH Finance Committee Chair)