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Woburn Youth Hockey and O'Brien Ice Rink COVID-10 Protocols and Restrictions

All persons, teams and leagues are required to comply with these protocols and restrictions.  A failure to comply WILL result is a prompt dismisall from the facility.  Anyone who continues to violate these rules will be permanently banned from entering the facility.  If you see someone who is not complying, please alert the rink staff IMMEDIATELY.


·         UPDATED: Masks are to be worn at all times, including by players while on the ice.

·         Face shields are not considered an alternative to face masks at this time

·         6 ft distance between players on the bench - please use additional seating next to your bench and have your shift changes prepared

·         Limit the amount of coaches on the bench

·         Only one player allowed in the penalty box at a time, if a team has a 2nd penalty player is to serve it on the bench

·         No sharing of water bottles; each player should have their own

·         No sharing of equipment

·         NEW: No handshake at the end of the game.

·         UPDATED: At the end of the game players should remove their skates and undress at their cars or at home

·         NEW: Any Massachusetts-based athlete that chooses to leave the state to participate in a Sport Event must comply with the Commonwealth’s Travel Rule before returning to work, school or attending public events.



·         Spectators MUST wear face coverings at ALL times.

·         Spectators MUST comply with social distancing guidelines and maintain a distance of at least 6 ft from other spectators at ALL times.

·         NEW: In compliance with COVID-Order No.53 the facility must close at 9:30pm and not re-open until 5:00am the next day (“mandatory closing period”). Only employees are permitted on the premises during the mandatory closing period.

·         NEW: Only Massachusetts-based teams and Massachusetts-based participants are allowed to participate.

·         NEW: Any facility Owner that hosts an out-of-state team or allows an out-of-state player to participate on a Massachusetts-based team risks facility closure or suspension of a league’s practices and/or games.

·         Sanitizing stations are placed throughout the facility

·         Facility cleaned frequently throughout the day

·         Entrance for players allowed 20 minutes prior to start of game

·         Entrance for spectators allowed 5 minutes prior to start of game

·         UPDATED: Spectators will be limited to two adult chaperones plus siblings per player for activities played by individuals under the age of 21 provided the number of persons in the facility, including coaches, players, officials, referees, staff and spectators does not exceed 50% of the total capacity of the facility.

·         No spectators are allowed for sports and activities played by individuals 21 years and older.

·         Seating is permitted only in the designated areas of the facility.

·         Sitting in the areas marked with yellow is prohibited

·         Spectators to leave building immediately at the end of the game - no loitering in stands or lobby

·         NEW: Loitering or gatherings in the parking lot is prohibited

·         Entrance and Exit ways along with one-way signage must be adhered to at all times

·         UPDATED: Locker rooms are closed 

·         Showers are not allowed, bathrooms inside locker rooms are not to be used and are currently locked

·         Facility bathrooms are limited to two people at a time

·         Waiver is required for all participants and spectators (must be completed below)

·         Contact tracing is required for all entering the rink. Signs with QR code are placed throughout the rink and will take to people to a page to complete contact information.